Key Workout Factors

Key Workout Factors for Women


When it comes to fitness workouts for women and determining what key factors affects their results, genetics is undoubtedly the most significant factor.  Everyone has different body shapes, muscle make up and fat content. Everything from how you deep your abdominal muscles lay within your bone structure, hip size and over muscle mass. That does not mean if you do not have a predisposition with all the right physical features that you cannot develop a tone and fit body. What it does mean is you should have full understanding of your genetic makeup, up to and including how you respond to certain nutrition. The same holds true for understanding how you respond to certain exercises. I have witnessed some that seem to copy workout routines for women set by set and not get the same results. And keep in mind this is also true for men.  If you struggle to lose weight in certain areas and seem to blame your genetics for you inability to lose weight, which is nonsense, consider taking a look on your understanding of your your genetics and focus on the changes you need to make in order to bring out the results you want. Typically it could mean some workout changes but mostly how you respond to your nutritional intake in combination with your workouts. As another example, if you naturally have wide shoulders and narrow hips and want to balance that out with a better shape, again consider your genetics and how you are responding to your specific exercises which can vary from gym workouts for women you may associate with.

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Body fat

Another factor is the unpopular topic of body fat, well by some. On average women do have a tendency to store more body fat than men for various reasons that are essential for a healthy body, but make no mistake men also struggle with this one. The average body fat in a healthy, active women ranges between 18%-20% and can be as high as 33% for inactive women. Now let’s say for example you just purchased a great workout called ab workouts for women that many of your friends were able to achieve noticeable changes in their waste line and even develop ripped abs. For some they could achieve those results with 13% body fat while others would not realize the same results until they achieved 8% body fat. The reason, see paragraph above. That’s where genetics can also come into play.

Increased overload

You may have started to realize that these fitness factors all do relate to each other. Increased overload does as well. Simply put, it is essential to achieving any fitness goal that you should be gradually increasing the physical load you are asking your body to perform. If you do not do this you could workout for years and plateau with a fitness profile that is exactly the same as where you started. However if that is you goal and your reason for working out is simply to not go backwards, then I would expect you to be successful.  When it comes to increased overload, some assume it’s reserved for heavy weight lifters that scream and grunt while they add more weight than they did the week before. As this is the concept of increased overload, understanding it comes into play and is essential for any fitness activity up to and including home workouts for women.  For example if you run 3 miles 3 times per week for 5 years, your body will not be any more advanced physically than it was 5 years ago. However, if you were to gradually add more miles on your run and then aim to run faster for each run while then advancing to 5 times per week, I will guarantee you will be more fit, leaner and stronger.  Muscles need to be broken down by exercise and then repair themselves. That’s how the body works and it’s the repair process that builds more strength and also requires more energy thus increase metabolic rate and burning fat. Yes it is a process and done well can create a marked change in your physical health.

Training Philosophy women flexing

There is no such thing as exercises for women and exercises for men! I repeat there is no such thing as exercises for women and exercises for men.  It’s a common misconception that if you work out like a man you will develop large bulky muscles. I assure you, unless you are taking testosterone or some kind of hormone, you will not develop muscles like a man. Although some women are genetically prone to muscle growth in certain areas easier than others, in which case see paragraph 1 again. Simply understanding your genetics and adopt the exercises that align with your genetics. As mentioned the process of growing muscle will require energy from your body and increase metabolism and thus burn more fat. So ladies do not be afraid to go to the gym with your big boy pants on and leave your panties at home.