Well Rounded Workouts

Well Rounded Workouts for Men

If you have been working out for years you probably have experimented with many different variations of workout routines, fitness programs and exercise activities which settled in to what you seem to like most and what fits into your plans. Others may just be starting out with fitness goals in mind on what areas you would like to improve on and are looking to achieve the fit body you always wanted. In either case, exercise programs if focused on just one specific activity in excess can be a burden on your body and could cause you to be prone to future injuries.  For example, a heavy weight lifting program with no cardio or stretching programs in place could help you pack on the muscles and strength however still leave you not at all physically fit from a cardio standpoint and leave you lacking in overall health benefits. On the contrary, if you are an avid runner with high frequency and cover a lot of miles, you could be extremely lean but lacking in a weight program could leave you with muscle atrophy and long term injury from the excessive strain on the knees, back and ankles. It seems there is more of a tendency to have a one sided type of fitness activity with mens fitness workouts as opposed to those of woman.

For optimum fitness health it is important to diversify the exercises your doing that for the most part can be categorized into the three main areas of Cardio, Stretching and Strength Training with one of them being your primary goal. The primary goal is basically the activity you find the most rewarding and the area you would like to focus on most.  Let’s say your primary goal is weight lifting and not necessarily the muscle head  “douche baggie” over the top type, but simply add lean muscle and build your physique, then absolutely work your weight program however complement a day for cardio and then somewhere in the schedule work in a stretching activity. This will not only help round out your overall fitness health but also assist with better workouts in the weight room as well as help prevent injury.  An example of a standard weight training program could be a variation of:

Day 1: Chest & Triceps

Day 2: Back & Biceps

Day 3: Shoulder & Legs, Abs

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Repeat.

You can keep your primary focus  following and make minor additions:

Day 1: Chest & Triceps / 30 min. Yoga

Day 2: Back & Biceps

Day 3: Shoulder & Legs, Abs/ 30 min. Pilates

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: 2-4 mile run

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Repeat.

To keep your workouts fresh you can mix in different activities like Pilates versus Yoga for your stretching. Additionally you can alternate your weight lifting exercises as well as many different forms of cardio activities such as substituting treadmill workouts or elliptical workouts.  The key is you are doing a variety of fitness activities and not just one as well as a variety of different exercises for each activity.

The same applies for the avid runner. You can still maintain your grueling running regiment however set aside at least 2 times per week where you focus on nothing but stretching and possibly one time per week on possibly a circuit program at the gym for strength training:

Day 1: Run 5 Miles/ 30 min Yoga

Day 2: Run 6 miles

Day 3: Rest/ 30 min. Pilates

Day 4: Weight Circuit

Day 5: run 5 miles

Day 6: Repeat

So obviously the same will hold true if you a committed to Yoga and/ or Pilates. Simply make time in your workout schedule for at least one time a week to hit the weights and if you’re just not into the “weight room” scene, simply go with a light higher rep circuit program.  For those that are just not into “hitting the pavement” for cardio, a simple treadmill workouts or elliptical workouts one time per week will do wonders for your overall fitness.

Bicycle raceWhen it comes to mens fitness workouts the real understanding hers is having a totally ripped body with muscle on top of muscle may actually not be as physically fit and healthy as someone who engages in a well rounded fitness lifestyle thus providing not just a fit body but also a very healthy one.


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Questions and Answers

Is this a good workout?Ok, I’m 16 years old. I run track and cross country, fairly healthy. I’m pretty much done growing at 6’3”.I want to start working out, build up some muscle before summer and by the time school starts up again- basically I want to look a little more muscular by the end of these next 4 months and somewhat more muscular within the next 7. I’m not looking for anything big.Anyways, is this a good work out for me?Mon/Thurs-
Barbell Bench Press 4×15-6
Incline Dumbell Press 3×12-8
Pulldowns 4×20-8
Rowing Machine 3×20-8
Dumbell Shoulder Press 3×10-15
Dumbell Side Laterals 2×10-15
Crunches 3xfailure
Leg Lifts 3xfailureTues/Fri
Leg Extension 3×10-15
Leg Press 3×10-15
Leg Curl- 3×10-15
Calf Raises 3×10-15
Dumbell Curls 3×8-12
Triceps Pressdowns 3×10-15Does it cover all the muscles that should be covered?