So What is Crossfit?

Understanding Crossfit Workouts

If you’ve recently witnessed a surge of new workout facilities and/ or mentions of crossfit workouts among your friends and social media connections alike, you’re not alone. You may even have noticed what appears to be a new terminology with words like “WOD” trending as well. Is this a fitness trend? Only time will tell, however crossfit is a company that started in 2000 and seems to have grown significantly as a preferred fitness choice for many athletes.

Fitness trainingSo what is crossfit? In general crossfit workouts integrate exercises that involve high intensity training including power lifting, interval training, weight lifting, pylometrics, and calisthenics in addition to a few more. Crossfit workouts have become a great fitness choice for many athletes and have also developed into a competitive sport where athletes compete in strength, time and overall performance of the exercises involved. Many of its weight lifting exercises are nontraditional with use of kettle bells, sand bags or even large tires.

Crossfit workouts utilize explosive muscle movements which do require skill and a certain amount of flexibility. There are great benefits for strength and overall fitness levels with such intense workouts, however it is recommend consulting with an expert and/ or fitness trainer before you first begin a crossfit workout routine. Many of the movements are explosive but also require muscle range and flexibility, without proper training beforehand a beginner crossfit workout could cause injury.  There are many squat, pulling and rotation movements and it is important to develop areas such as the hips, ankles and shoulders to have the strength and stability to perform crosfit workouts. And in case you were wondering, a “WOD” is an acronym coined for crossfit workout of the day.

Some weight lifting examples are the clean, with many variations up to and including the clean and Jerk, kettle bell clean, and hang clean. Also with many variations for squats such as air squat, overhead squat, front squat and jumping squats. Some of these exercises are done with or with weights and some with resistance or pure repetition.  Similar variations exist with routines for dumbbell snatch; hang snatch and kettle bell snatch. The list of crossfit routines is plentiful including traditional pushups, handstand pushups, kettle bell swings and rope climbs. Not to mention pull-ups with five to six variations some involving weights or tension pulling. As you can see there are many of what appear to be nontraditional exercises that even could appear as if someone made them up as they went along. However you look at it, cross fit is for people that are serious about fitness and love to compete and it gets greater results towards all aspects of fitness training than many other programs out there.kettlebell-card-art

That all being said, how would someone attempt beginner crossfit workouts? It is apparent from the descriptions of crossfit that beginner crossfit workouts are for those that currently are involved in an active fitness program and not a total novice to exercise in general. Crossfit workouts are not set in stone, as you can see there are so many variations and one, with the help of a trainer could easily develop a “starter” crossfit program and very possibly crossfit workouts at home.  There is a wealth of information available from the philosophy itself to detail descriptions of how each exercise should be done, not that I would recommend starting exercises without a trainer, however it is recommended to do some homework to see what it really is and then seek out assistance and come up with a game plan that will work for you. Then of course you can progress into serious and rewarding workouts with many benefits.